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Originally Posted by Phil Wilkes View Post
I had similar concerns brought to my attention by a customer. I see the secure logo on the address field but on the next page where the credit card information goes, there is no similar icon. Is that an issue with my credit card processor rather than Ecwid?

In Ecwid we do take security seriously, and Ecwid store is always using HTTPS connection, even if the page of the website where the store is located doesn't have SSL certificate.
This article about security in Ecwid provides the details:

This is the reason we can display secure logo on checkout pages.

Payment page in your store is just different: you use PayPal Advanced, and in case with it the fragment of their payment page is displayed in your store inside of iframe element - so, technically it's still a part of your store, with a secure "window" leading to PayPal's site.

In other words, this page is as secure as the rest of the store, but the logo simply wasn't added to it from our side (since there's a "window to PayPal" there), but you can always add one actually: here's an article with some examples that can be used to indicate that the website is secure:

Also, this article about the security contains more info about the security and Ecwid, that could help: