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Hey, I think you are confusing the social sign-in feature of Ecwid control panel, where you use your personal Facebook account to prove your identity, with installing Ecwid shop.

Yes, you can sign up for Ecwid usng Facebook account, and that will be your personal account. There is no way to sign in to any third party service as a page, not as a person.

But then as soon as you have an account in Ecwid, you install your shop to a Facebook page - any page you manage.

It's like parking your car in your garage - sure, you have to have both a car and a garage, but anyway you don't start with the garage door or garage keys. You don't drive your garage to cover your car. You start with the car and its own keys and then drive it into the garage, opening its door at some point. The same way you put personally your Ecwid store to any of the Facebook pages you own.
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