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Originally Posted by Mason Kingsbury View Post
Hi, I have items that are available in a pack of three (but there are five colour options) I would like for the customers to be able to choose three colours of the five then proceed to the checkout but currently all five colours have to be selected to proceed (which defeats the object).

I need this to also be the case for the one-pack and and ten pack etc.

Can this be done?


Hello Mason,

It seems to be at least three possible solutions for you.

1) If talking about the easiest way, you can have only two product options: one for size, and another one - for colors. Change the color options and replace radio buttons with checkboxes, name this option something like “Choose three colors for your pack”.

It will look like this:

In order to implement it you should go to the control panel -> Catalog -> Products, then choose the product which you want to edit, go to “Options”, create new option, and choose “Checkboxes” as input type.

This decision has a little drawback: sometimes customers can choose more or less than 3 colors, so in these cases you will have to contact with them to clarify the order details.

2) To bundle the options and have radio buttons. I’ve figured you need 6 variants that will cover all possible color selections. On the below screenshot I displayed all of them:

With this method users will not be able to take 2 or 3 same colors.

3) The other way is to make these options dependable: it’s when there is a list of different options, and next selector depends on the previous selected option.

For example, if your customer chooses “Caribbean Blue” in the first list of colors, this color will be hidden in the second and the third list, so he/she will not be able to choose this variant one more time. If in the second list the customer chooses “Rose Red” color, this color will be excluded from the third list as well. Thus it will not be possible to choose one color twice or three times. Currently Ecwid doesn’t provide this functionality in the control panel. It can be done as a customization to your Ecwid store, this solution will need custom programming with use of our Javascript API. You can hire a developer or contact our customization service.