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thanks for replying. I have to say I'm overall disappointed in the support here - 6 days is a long time and I'm not completely sure I've gotten the best answers of the 2 I've received.

I didn't mean 0000 as the sku...what I should have written was

productID-123405 then hide product price or title. but it needs to work on the productBrowser category page.

I do have a page for "testimonials" but we wanted them to show up in the store. My "solution" was to hide the prices on the catagory page and put them in the "title." I have all of the "comments" marked as out of stock. Ideally would love to be able to hide the title, but no way to do this.

If you look at the site you can see it is a nice idea -

maybe something can be done to create a situation in which the id code would be css influenced.