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Originally Posted by Icedoge View Post
Is there such a feature where there would be a button of each product and then it would or it can choose what other product to compare with?

We have a functionality called Related Products, so you can create 'so-called' products: when customer visits a product, he will see other items you specified as related for that particular product! You can enable that in Settings > General > Cart. Scroll down to the bottom, and you'll see. More details on here:

As for "Compare Products", there is no built-in feature for it. It will be possible to do with the help of "Ecwid API": The solution will require a special script that will grab the product details from Ecwid database and arrange them on the page.

The creation of such solution will require programming skills, so if you need assistance with creation of such solution, our custom development team that makes custom solutions on the paid basis can help you. If you are interested in the customization I can suggest to fill in this form Our Customization Team will get in touch with you shortly.

Let me know, if I can be of any other help to you.
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