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Question After 2 years trying only 2 percent of products appear on Google. Why?

I signed up with Ecwid about 2 years ago, because I was changing from doing my own business website maintenance to allowing a company to do it for me.

When I was managing the site, 100% of my products were appearing on Google. I programmed a routine in Autohotkey to create pages on the fly from my inventory, and at the same time it created the xml sitemap in the way Google likes it.

I uploaded the new pages via FTP, including the xml file, then notified Google via the webmaster tool that it was updated. Worked great.

Since I changed companies, my site has been migrated to a Wordpress site, and I signed up with Ecwid because they have a wordpress widget that I could upload my inventory to.

2 years later, 2% of my products show up in Google.

I've been modifying the uploads and my settings looking for a perfect setup, and increasing the details I manage to pull out of my limited dataset of product info through randomization and by adding details based on keywords (when I can).

I've been pressing the web company who's handling it to get my parts pages listed, and they've added sitemaps and say they're working hard to get them on Google, but my list of parts they show online keeps getting smaller and smaller.

I'm at my wits end, and ready to fire everybody lol, and go back to being my own web guy... but jeez I would rather not.

Can someone look at and tell me if I'm doing anything wrong as far as the website goes? Missing anything? (Other than substantive content, which is hard to generate based on the limited info I have in this database of parts).

Thank you,

Toxey McDavid, Service Care