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Arrow New modul: "Multi-level Illustrated Menu: Show Categories Menu with Pictures"

Hello everyone, my name is Vasily,
I represent for you my software development company, our team has more than 10 years experience in software development and internet technologies our solutions are used in many countries around the world.

We have released the Multi-level Illustrated Menu: Show Categories Menu with Pictures.

It Shows Categories Menu with Pictures - Beautiful and clear drop-down categories menu with pictures.

The application is useful and great for you:

  1. Show categories without clicks;
  2. Improve site usability and search engine rankings;
  3. Accelerate the search for goods and their purchase.

You can see more details about the application right here:
  1. Description;
  2. Setting up the application;
  3. Demo site.

You can install the app and use 7 days for free!

For all of you who wish to influence the functionality of the app, please feel free to:
  1. Write a review in this thread below;
  2. Take the survey (it will take about 3 minutes) (It is more useful for you, because the answers will be structured and you will think less).

We will consider every opinion to increase the benefit of the application for you.
To start filling out, click on the link.

Для русскоговорящих пользователей мы подготовили сайт и форму обратной связи на русском языке, для начала заполнения пройдите по ссылке

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