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Originally Posted by highhopes View Post
Hi I am trying to upgrade from the basic plan and instructions say to click my name in the top right hand corner and then select billing and payment, however i do not have this option only my profile and log out.

Thank you for contacting us.
We are very glad to hear that you wish to upgrade your account.

I've checked our database and found that your account is registered through Sitebuilder company.
Subscriptions and plans for such accounts are processed totally on the Sitebuilder side and are not managed by Ecwid in any way.

In order to upgrade your account, please contact Sitebuilder support team using one of the following emails depending on the brand of your site builder:

Please provide them with the following details:
- email which your Sitebuilder account is registered to
- physical address which is specified in your Sitebuilder account
- last four digits of the credit card which is linked to your Sitebuilder acount

Please feel free to contact us if any further assistance is required.