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Originally Posted by Richard Brown View Post
Hi Matvey - thanks for your help previously on the same topic - however I would really appreciate it if you can clear one thing up which I can't understand. The translate tool seems a really great thing to have and I have identified a number of 'labels' to change and have followed the instructions. After generating the code(s) I get the following message:
In order to apply new labels, follow these steps:
Copy the code below.
Insert it to your site pages, before any Ecwid code.
Reload your site's page.

It says to insert into 'your site pages' - but I don't understand this sentence - where do I actually insert it ? Is it on a Wordpress page or somewhere from my ECWid control panel ?

Thanks in advance

Please find the answer here:

(see the "How do I apply a custom translation in Wordpress?" point).
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