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Default Intergrating non-ecwid products into shopping cart

Hey there, im not sure I posted this in the right section but if anyone could help out I would very much appreciate it.

We have used ecwid for quite sometime and have been very pleased. Recently we created a new silver account for a different selection of products. While we will be adding our own to Ecwids product catalog, (and the test products work as they should, add to cart etc. -- everything works as it should)


However, the problem I am having is that we have an amount of products that are not in our ecwid product catalog (it provided by another source) but would like to use the ecwid shopping cart to process all the order and when someone clicks add to cart on their supplied product it also will go to the ecwid cart. Here it the url

If you use the drop down menus to find a product, click add to cart -- it does not carry over a product. Can we do anything to make this work?

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and my apologies for writing so much text.