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Originally Posted by Viktor D. View Post
Thank you for the update.

In this case, if you need to force your customers to specify the delivery date during the order placement, you can try to add a delivery date option as a required text field.

In order to do so, proceed to your Ecwid CP > Catalog > Products > Options > New Option > text field

Specify a title, for example 'Delivery Date: DD/MM/YYYY', mark a 'Required option' checkbox and save the changes.

You'll get the following option(example):

Thank you very much for your opinion.
Thanks for you reply, not a bad work around but not perfect, basically the ecwid date picker does not work properly and needs updating. is there any plans to implement any changes to make it work as it should? or indeed to improve its functionality?

using the date picker is already a workaround for a vital missing feature in ecwid... a delivery date selector in the checkout. This idea is the most voted for idea and yet it still has not been implemented.