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Default Weird Happening... Shipping Down? Is it me or???

Writing this to y'all here at 8:00pm EST. Having some strange stuff happening on Ecwid right now. I both made some changes in my product area that then UNDID themselves (moved a category and renamed it). And, it seem the shipping calculators are not working for UPS, FED-EX, USPS, etc...
Anyone else having this issue right now? It started for me around 7:30pm EST. Not good timing as I have a lot of work to do on the shop right now!
~ Antonio ~

Ok, now the new shipping method I added has disappeared TWICE! Any Ecwid techies awake and on the forums tonight? Something strange is happening...

Still not working... If you are reading this, will you please visit and see if any options show up in the bag... Thanks! :-)

Ok, not sure who is anyone will read this but for sure something is happening with the Ecwid back-end while it seems the main tech team is sleeping... I know for me, ALL shipping methods have gone down tonight and there is no tech support to call or get in touch with for an emergency. If this was a hot holiday shopping time I would be pulling my hair out! Not sure if this is related but I saw another person post on the forum: with a similar issue. Seems something strange is happening on the back end of Ecwid tonight or at least with the shipping links...

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