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Originally Posted by Anant Kataria View Post

Thanks for your reply.

I had already exercised all the product options before asking this query.

I have also looked at how translator tool can be used for renaming, but that would not serve my purpose.

To be specific, let me put the end objective I want. I am selling gifts, so I want my customers to be able to specify the 'Date' and 'Time' they would want the item to be delivered and any 'personal message' they would like to give to the recipient.

I can think of two options:
1. Adding additional fields in the Shipping Details form
2. Adding another form in the ordering process.

Can I implement any of them without significant coding (coz frankly I am a non-coder)?

I will wait for your reply.


Unfortunately Ecwid doesn't allow introducing additional fields or forms on the checkout process.

- please register this idea at

- the only way to implement this for now is to add the "Date" and "Time" product options to all your gift products. (options should have "text" or "textarea" type)
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