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Hi Matt,

The problem is that Google suddenly stopped indexing our product pages. Let's look at this product we're currently selling for example:

This is its title:פסטיבל סאנביט, כרטיסים לילדים מגיל 5-16 - Sunbeat Festival 2015

If I copy and paste this title into google, it doesn't find anything.

Keep this in mind...

Previously, SEO worked perfectly with our Ecwid product pages. In fact, this month, we were able generate more than $2000 from sales that came from organic search of one event that we sold tickets to. We started to pay close attention to SEO since, and unfortunately in the past week of so we noticed that our products are no longer indexed.

My guess is that there's a problem with the Google AJAX indexing for our Ecwid store.

Your thoughts? Any advice will be highly appreciated, since SEO is apparently a massive sales driver for us.