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Originally Posted by Sheila K View Post
I need to do product price updates, and I'd like to know if there's a way to modify the Catalog "dashboard" to view all product prices at one glance.

Right now the Catalog table "dashboard" displays the SKU number, Name, Category, and Availability for each product. I'd like to add a column to display "Price" to the dashboard display. This would keep me from having to open each individual product listing to check the price. I'm wasting a lot of time opening each product listing, instead of just being able to view the entire list to see which prices have been changed, and which ones I still need to do.

I keep looking for a link to make modifications to the dashboard, but so far no luck.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

You can check and change product prices only on the product pages at Ecwid control panel, Catalog -> Products. Unfortunately it’s not possible to modify any page in the control panel. We do plan to improve the interface, and orders management at first place. So if you think something would be cool to append, please feel free to post your suggestions to the ideas base:

There’s however a good way to check and bulk update products settings: to use export-import feature. You can export all your products into CSV file (you can include only SKU/name and prices, for ex.), update it if needed and import back. Please, refer to our knowledge base for details:

If there are any issues, please, let me know.