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Originally Posted by Jay Spears View Post
I have the same issue. I need to collect sales tax for Texas and California and neither one of them is working. My store is setup exactly like this example. I have Google Wallet, PayPal or the Ecwid Checkout (which is processed by PayPal Express Checkout). I don't quite understand what the solution is. Are you saying we shouldn't use PayPal Express Checkout as the processor for the Ecwid Checkout option?


I've inspected your store. The issue you discovered is caused by the fact that your tax is calculated basing on a customer billing address, but due to PayPal Express checkout limitations, billing address isn't sent to Ecwid.

The PayPal Express Checkout does not return the customer's billing address at all (that is its internal limitation). Thus, Ecwid doesn't know billing address of a customer who pays with Express checkout. As a result, if you select 'billing address' in the 'Zone defines by' option in tax settings, tax won't be applied.

Unfortunately, we cannot change the way how the PayPal Express Checkout sends the information back to your Ecwid shop. However, you can way around this problem by setting your tax so that it will be calculated basing on customer shipping address - shipping address is always returned to Ecwid from PayPal Express checkout unless you sell intangible products which do not require shipping. You can do it on the tax management page in your control panel:
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