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Default New SEO friendly clean URLs (without '#' sign) are enabled on Ecwid Starter Sites

Hi Ecwid users,

This message is about adding SEO friendly clean URLs to Ecwid.

Short summary
  • We enabled SEO friendly URLs for the store pages on all new generation Starter sites, Wordpress and Wix sites in Ecwid. The URLs are cleaner and can be better indexed by Google. They are available for free to all Ecwid merchants.
  • To make sure all traffic is switched seamlessly to the new URLs, the old URLs continue working well. So, if someone opens a product/category in your store using an old URL, it will work.
  • The old generation Starter sites do not have the new clean SEO URLs. If you have an old Starter site and want to enable the new URLs, you can switch to the new Starter Site for free in your store settings (on the What's New page in your Control panel).
  • It's now possible to manually enable the new SEO friendly clean URLs on any site. A blog post with the details and instruction will follow.


We at Ecwid are working on the set of SEO improvements now to make your stores indexed better in Google. The first step in this series of improvements is SEO friendly clean URLs.

Today, we enabled the new URL format for store pages on Ecwid Starter sites, Wordpress, Joomla and Wix sites. Reminder: Starter site is a standalone one-page website with Ecwid store onboard, which you can use as your store web presence, if you don't have your own web site.

What is good about the new URLs
  • The new URLs do not contain hash sign ("#"), which, according to Google, makes your store better indexed by Google.
  • The product and category pages URLs include product/category titles to make them easily readable both for Google and for your customers.
  • Other store pages URLs also became cleaner, e.g. cart and checkout pages are now easily accessible at /cart and /checkout.
  • The new URLs contain less extra characters like '/', '~' or'!', so the page address looks cleaner and is better for SEO.
  • As usually, no page refresh happens when the customer browses your store. The store pages with new URLs work without page reload, as it's been always worked in Ecwid. So, you have your fast loading store pages with new SEO friendly URLs.

Example of the store with the new URLs: (try browsing the catalog and notice there is no '#' sign in the URL anymore).

The old URLs continue working to make sure no customer get lost
We took care of backward compatibility. All the old URls (with '#') continue working — if some of your customers follow the old link from Google or elsewhere, they will get to the corresponding product/category page. Everything is automatically redirected, no changes needed from your side.

The new clean URLs are only enabled on the new generation Starter sites.
The new URLs are enabled on all new generation starter sites. If you don't see the new URLs on your starter site, then you are probably using the old generation starter site. To enable the new SEO URLs, please switch to the new version of Starter site in your Ecwid Control panel, it's free. To do that, open the "What's new" page in your Control Panel and enable the "New & Improved Starter Site: Build & Customize your Store" option. The new URLs will be automatically enabled once you switch to the new version of Starter site.

We will soon enable the new SEO URLs on the other CMS and sitebuilders we officially support, including Wix and WordPress
We will gradually enable the new URLs on all our official CMS/sitebuilder integrations. In particular, in a few days, we will start enabling clean URLs on Wix, WordPress and Muse sites. The rest will follow. Please name the CMS/sitebuilder/platform you're using in the comments below this post and we will provide more details.

It's possible to enable the new clean URLs on any site manually. Including custom-made web sites.
It's now possible to enable Clean URLs manually on any site you're running. This will require a few changes in the Ecwid integration code and server setup, so you will probably need a developer help if you decide to make that change yourself. Developer documentation is available here:

If you find any trouble with the new URLs or have a question, please reply to this message.

UPDATED: We enabled clean URLs on Wordpress, Joomla and Wix sites. Please refer to our blog for the details:
Matt K
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