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Default Links are messed up, no sales

I recently added ECWID cart to my WIX website and it is an absolute mess with links:

Few days ago it got fixed, now it's a mess again! People do not complete purchases as my site links look like absolute scam:
Also, links keep on changing, so people cant find my store!

Additionally, it messed up my analytics:
Missing Campaign Parameters
Each Google Analytics hit can have parameters for source, medium and campaign that defines the context of each acquisition to your website. In order to properly track where your website's visitors come from, you should fill out all of these parameters wherever possible. If you're missing one or more of these parameters, then you're missing some insight into your visitors' behavior.

Property is receiving hits with missing campaign parameters. Some examples (in the format "Source/Medium/Campaign") are:
so/(not set)/1cb471a2-d2de-49fa-abd7-b22a030b3176
so/(not set)/86003e6f-6422-416c-b7df-48883b8f9ede
so/(not set)/db048fab-2e86-4002-9d29-94754e039291

I NEVER had this type of error in my life! I have lost tons of money already! Is it a joke??? Can anyone fix this problem ASAP! I need to start paying people in 2 days, and ZERO sales were generated after I did huge campaign which includes 20,000 emails which were sent out to potential clients who have been waiting for this release!

Plus, my website is linked to many other platforms, as we do many interviews, editorials, etc... Suddenly, amount of linked sites when down! It looks like everything got mixed up!

Can anyone PLEASE do something ASAP! I am losing my business!!!!

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