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Originally Posted by ecomobile View Post

We would like to upload some files such as PDF and Excel to our product describtion.
Can you provide a small guide how can we do it?

Thank you
Eco Mobile
Hi Kim,
There can be two different purposes for attaching files to your products in Ecwid.

1. You can include a link to your file to the description of your product.
To do it you should upload your files to any storage. You can use your own web-server if you have one, or any free solution as Dropbox, Google Drive etc.
As you uploaded your file you can get a link to it. Get this link and paste it to the description of your product. If you’d like to make some word or sentence of your description to be a link, you can select it and click an “Insert/edit link” button in the upper right corner of the editor and then paste your link to the pop-up menu (“Link URL” field).

2. You can attach to your product files that will be available to the customer once the order receives status Chargeable or Accepted.
To do it you should go here: Ecwid Control Panel > Catalog > Products > your product > Files > “Upload Files” button

When the order status will be changed to one of before-mentioned statuses (Chargeable or Accepted), your customer will receive a letter containing the link to downloadable file.
This feature is best suited to E-goods, when you sell not physical but intellectual products such as books, movies, music, etc.

So, as I can see, you sell physical goods, so the first method will be the best for you.
Please contact me if you’ll have further questions.