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Originally Posted by The Andalucian Food Co View Post
I have a wix site, .

The ECWID mini cart is too big, and I want it to be the smaller Mini View on each page...

The mini cart widget is part of ecwid, and i cannot change the code my self, or can I?

I want a mini view on each page...

How do i do this please.
This is Ksenia from Ecwid Customer Care team, thank you for reaching out.
I checked out your online-store on and as I can see your store already have minicart sign that you can view in the top right of each page

Also there’s a standard cart view in the bottom right part of each page You can change the look of this element via CSS right in yoru Ecwid account. In order to do this you'll need to go to Ecwid Control Panel-> Settings -> Design -> CSS themes, choose a theme that is active at the moment and paste this code in the end of the opened table:

div.ecwid-minicart {
 width: 90px !important;
 height: 90px !important;

div.ecwid-minicart-clickArea {
 left: 26px !important;
 top: 18px !important;

div.ecwid-minicart-counter {
 left: 29px !important;
 top: 34px !important;

div.ecwid-minicart-caption {
 Display: none !important;

div.ecwid-minicart-link {
display: none !important;
Then press "Activate", "Save" and you will see the standard cart view is now looks smaller.

Also I noticed you have one more minicart and a link for selection hampers (check out this pic in the bottom of each page. I assume you added them via your Wix editor, in Ecwid advanced settings, right? It will be better if you remove it, as these elements can possibly confuse your customers.