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Thank you for your help, and for the update on the responsive version of Ecwid. In the meantime, is my suggestion of building a page for each product and creating my own products grid/table to link to each product a viable solution to the responsive issue?

Also, I believe you "liked" my product through the Ecwid Facebook button on the product, correct? I understand people are able to do that, however, I'm not able to post a link to my product using that function on our company facebook page. Only from our personal page, which is explained in the Ecwid knowledge base. Also, if someone just tries to copy and paste the address to a product and post a link to it on their facebook page that doesn't work, either. That's another reason I was considering making a page for each product using the single product widget.

Please advise me if the single product widget installed on it's own page, with a self built product grid linking to each product, will solve these problems, and what the drawback of doing so would be.

Thank you so much for all your input!!