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Default Checkout button gone


I'm new to Ecwid, i'm giving it a test run to see if its suitable for a new project i'm working on. So far i'm very impressed with how easy it is to set up. I ran into one problem though: my checkout button is gone.

It worked fine on default setup: i dragged products to my bag, clicked on open bag and I had a button to "Checkout". When checking out I noticed that only "Phone order" was available.
I went to the storefront and disabled the phone order and enabled demo method and the "purchase order" method. I saved the changes and when I go to my online store and check the bag, I can't find a checkout option anywhere. Re-enabling the phone order didn't work, so somehow it seems I disabled all checkout, but i have no clue how to turn it on again.

Where did it go? Do I need to do anything else for the payment methods before I can use them, other then clicking enable in the storefront?

***** Update several minutes later *****

I'm sorry, this is a bit stupid: a few minutes after posting this i decided to just clear the cache on my FF and IE and that solved the problem. My bad.

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