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Originally Posted by mu nunez View Post
I don`t want to sell my products, just show them (are more than 2500), How much do I have to pay?
Sorry for taking so long to reply!

Well, Ecwid is a shopping cart first of all, so while it would be possible to use it as product catalogue as well, and we even have an article describing design tweaks needed to implement this, originally Ecwid was made with the intent to allow you to sell online.

And to answer the question about payment - unlike many shopping cart we do not charge any transaction fees, and we have a Free plan with no time limit (that allows to create a full-featured store), but increased product limit and access to certain useful features are available on paid plan only.
As you've created your account with Wix service, the pricing is a bit different. Please, refer to the following page for info on pricing, features and product limit for your Ecwid store on Wix website:

Hope this helps!