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Your tax is set up to only have an effective rate of 6% for billing addresses based in Georgia. Judging from the last screenshot, you were proceeding to the PayPal Express Checkout instead of the usual Ecwid's checkout.

PayPal Express Checkout and Google Checkout both have a common feature about them - those are not just the payment methods, they help to collect the essential customer's credentials (like billing and shipping address) on the recognized secure sites of either of those two providers instead of doing that on your site. This has many advantages for customers: the owners of existing PayPal or Google Wallet accounts may just choose their pre-input addresses and funding options, which lets them checkout faster, and all the customers enjoy the guaranteed security of those sites, where they can confidently disclose their sensitive information (addresses and payment credentials) and rest assured that this information is processed properly and securely (whereas putting the same information on the other sites may not sometimes give a comparable confidence for those who buy for the first time there).

When a customer selects one of those 2 checkout methods, Ecwid does not know the real customer's address yet - it will be known after the customer inputs or selects it on the PayPal/Google. Everything Ecwid will transmit to PayPal / Google is already listed on the cart page:
- the order details (product costs and amounts) that are known for sure,
- the shipping costs and taxes that are estimated for customer (since the addresses are not known for sure yet)

But since the addresses are actually put after the buyer has went to PayPal, the actual billing address may change. So, when a buyer returns from PayPal Express Checkout or Google Checkout back to your shop, the shipping costs and taxes will be recalculated according to the addresses that customer has put on the secure payment site.

So this is what happened in your example: the tax was initially estimated for the Georgia based address (most probably, based on your physical location), then while on PayPal Express Checkout steps the buyer has put the billing address outside Georgia, so your tax is not applicable for such customer, and hence no tax is displayed on the further checkout steps in Ecwid. The customer will, of course, be charged for the costs that s/he confirms on the last page of checkout in Ecwid, so all costs are transparent for the customer and there is no 'behind the scenes' costs changes.