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Originally Posted by Jamie McMinnis View Post
Thanks Eugene,
I have noticed a few other issues which may work well for some scenarios but not mine, the main one is to have options add a fixed cost.
Some of my options used a fixed cost to my order line, now I am using the actual order qty it is adding a fixed cost to each unit. Would it be possible to overcome this?
The new system is better for me to be able to add % increases as I previously had no base value to add to but overall the upgrade is currently a backward step for me with these bugs.
I can of course revert to doing things the old way and not make use of the new bulk prices.
If I wanted to do this can you restore me to the state my store was in before the upgrade?
If you have a few options on your product and want them to add the tiered modifiers based on quantity to the tiered wholesale prices, you can set the product variations upon your options and set the tiered pricing upon those variations. Notice that this is not the tiered modifiers for options, but the tiered final prices with the given selection of options for each variation.

The product and settings restoration is possible with the request to the bugtracker. In your request you must include:

- your store ID

- the moment in time to which you would like to roll back (the backup snapshots are taken twice a day, so it it usually possible to go back a day, but not a few minutes, unfortunately).

- the set of entities in your store you want to restore (products, settings, orders). Most of the store owners usually take just products.