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Originally Posted by Sergey View Post

It's very important feature. In fact it is one of the big set of features to make Ecwid compliant with German e-commerce laws. We will post a detailed description of these changes later in our blog.

“Price per unit” feature allows you to set not only particular product price, but product package too.

Imagine that you sell bottled milk online. There are several bottles’ sizes (300 milliliters, 1 liter and 500 ml) provided by different manufacturers.

So you customers see a lot of prices for 300 ml bottles, for 500 ml bottles and other. They begin to calculate how much is 1 liter of one milk costs if the bottle is 300 ml, and how much is 1 liter of another milk costs. They try to compare different manufacturers prices, which is not that easy.
New “Price per unit” feature allows to set the price “per liter” for the product, so your customers will be able to compare price in easy and convenient way.

In additional to that, you get “Units in product”, which can used for providing additional information about your product like “pieces in pack”, “liters in bottle”, “grams in box”, etc.

To enable this feature you should go to your Ecwid Control Panel > Setting > General > Cart.

Then go to Catalog > Product Types and fill “Units in product” and “Price per unit” fields and save

Then go to your catalog > product click the arrow button near the price and fill in “price per unit” and “Units in product” fields here.

Thanks for expelling that so well Sergey, quick question.. will there be an option to have different price per units for each product variation?