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What is still not working for me- Right now I have my main shipping carrier as FedEx. I also have UPS selected and both of those rates are still NOT showing up in my shopping cart. This was the initial problem for me that the rates I had selected were not showing up in my cart. Please read the previous post or questions submitted to support to see more details. The fact that they then randomly de-selected themselves happened much later when the glitches started occurring.
FedEx isn't offered on checkout because of the FedEx settings in Ecwid control panel:
There's one FedEx service enabled - FedEx Ground, and setting "Ship to a residence" is turned on. Unfortunately FedEx Ground doesn't ship to a residence, this is a FedEx limit, please refer to
So you should disable "Ship to a residence" (in Ecwid control panel>System Settings>Shipping>"carrier-calculated" for FedEx>"Account details">"Settings"), or disable FedEx Ground and enable FedEx Home instead.

UPS Ground is shown to me, screenshot: Could you specify the shipping address you're using?

1) Making changes to an image in a category and, even though it was clearly saved, it then revering back to the previous image at a later time

2) Changes made to the description in a category that did the same thing - saved it but then it reverted.
I've played around with my test Ecwid, tested changing categories images and descriptions. All changes were saved and are still shown.
Please, let me know the following:
- name of the category where the image was reverted to previous one, or a link to this category in the store
- name of the category where the description was changed, or a link to this category in the store
- can you recall exactly what you were doing after you updated the images/descriptions? If there's a problem it should be revealed under certain conditions that we need to repeat.
Thank you!

This issue has raised an important question for me that I searched for but did not see the answer to... Is there a way to back up my entire store beyond just exporting the products in a .csv file? This issue for has highlighted the importance of having this option to me as I have put many hours of work into my store beyond the .csv import and if that gets lost in some way I think I might jump off a bridge. :-o Ok, just kidding there, but it sure would hurt!
We do backup daily for you so you shouldn't worry about it. The backups contains all information about store: products lists, categories, orders, customers, etc. The data is securely stored on our Amazon servers.

If you need to retrieve some data, you can export orders, products and customers lists (more details:
One more way is to get store data into an external system using Ecwid APIs (
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