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I think, adding a negative margin wouldn't be 100% correct way of fixing this, because you try to affect the results rather than the reason of the problem.

The problem is that you have unnecessary <p> tag around a part of your Ecwid embed code in that page. That excessive <p> tag appears because WordPress additionally processes your input, transforming line breaks into <p> tags. You can easily overcome this in two ways:

1. Use noformat plugin: and enclose the Ecwid embedding code between <!-- noformat on --> and <!-- noformat off -->

2. Just delete all the line breaks in the Ecwid embedding code, turning it into one-liner. It will work, and Wordpress will not garble it.

By doing the either way you will avoid having the excessive <p> around parts of your code, so there won't be unnecessary spacing around Ecwid. Negative margins are not needed in such case.
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