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Originally Posted by Giovanni Zenone View Post
I'm not able to do it even if I tried so many times, could somebody help me?
My ecwid site is

Thank you for contacting us.

By default, gallery images are displayed on the left of the main product image. There is no in-built tool to change the position of the gallery.

Yet there are two workarounds to show extra product images under the main product image:

1. Use a script.
This workaround works only if Ecwid is added to a website, as the script should be added to the source code of the website page where Ecwid is added. See more instructions in this forum post

As I see, you are using Starter site, so you can't use this workaround.

2. You can add the images in product description.
In this case the images won't show up as in the gallery, they will display in full size, under the main product image. Use "Insert image" button in the text editor panel:

If you have any questions, feel free to write back. Thanks.
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