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This is Charlie, Ecwid customer care.

I'm reaching out to you to address your question about the footer:

Hi i wanted to know if i can edit my website footer
1.adding information
2.add an artwork
3.edit text etc
You can edit what's already in the footer with a little bit of CSS magic. Also, you can remove the social links from there via the Instant Site website editor in Ecwid admin > Website > Edit.

What information are you looking to add there?

As for the artwork, the artwork is usually a big part of the store, so I would advise against adding it to the footer. Have you looked into adding the artwork in the place, where it would be more visible? For example, in the Store Front Page category description in Catalog > Categories > Store Front page? It would be much more visible! See:

Which text would you like to edit there? Is it this one:

This text is taken from Settings > General > Store name.

Let me know. You could also contact us at and in chats! To access chat, go to your Ecwid admin pane and click the 'Get help' button in the top right.

Ecwid Customer Care Team