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Default Paypal Integration

Hello there! It’s Ecwid Care Team.

I see that PayPal have outdated instructions on setting up PayPal payments in your Ecwid Store. I am sorry for that. We’ve updated the integration with PayPal since those times and now it’s enough to add your PayPal account (account should be verified by PayPal to accept payments) to your PayPal settings in your Ecwid Control Panel > Payments, check the screenshot here:
You can use instructions on connecting your PayPal to Ecwid from our article here:

To check how it works, try to place a test order with PayPal now using a card which is not connected to your PayPal merchant account.

Just in case, you can also check with the PayPal’s article on accepting payments using Guest Checkout.

If you have some specific errors with PayPal, please contact us at with your screenshots and details on the issue so we could investigate that for you, thank you!