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Dear Ecwid fellows!

We have two silver plan ecwid store and we wondering, is it possible to login to the admin panel with only one account, and easily switch somehow between the two stores. Like a dropdown menu or something like that, where can we select the store, and ecwid reloads it, and we don't have to logout, and login again, or use different browsers to manage the stores at the same time. Maybe it's comfortable just for us, so I don't think this is enough for an idea, but hope it's solvable Regards,

We are totally agree that functionality that allows to manage several stores with the same account will be really helpful for many users, who has several stores with Ecwid. We are planning to add this ability in the nearest future.

Please, vote for this idea here: and we will email you when it is released. As you can see, this idea is already marked as "Planned", which means that it added in our roadmap. This option will be added as a part of our “Project Partners” program: It will allow to manage many stores from a special dashboard.
Maya N., Ecwid Team

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