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Originally Posted by Karah Cheramie View Post
I have embedded my Ecwid store onto my Wix site. (code is embedded; I did not integrate it using the Ecwid/wix app feature)

If I use the css code Edwid provides to remove the category icons, it also removes the category links as well. However, when I visit the actual Ecwid storefront from the control panel, the links are there; just not on the wix site.

How do I remove the image icons from Wix, while keeping the category links there?
If I insert the category menu widget, the links do not even work.. And the design does not match so I don't want to use the widget at all.

See image below.

Hello Karah,

Ecwid Customer Care team here. Thanks for your post!

First off, I would not recommend to use the integration code for installing Ecwid on a Wix website. Due to the iframe layout of Wix websites it might, or I'd even say, it will bring issues.

Using the official Ecwid app for Wix is a much better way to go. Just in case, here's the article on how to use our app there: Ecwid on Wix

As for hiding category images, keeping the links intact, try these CSS codes:

.ecwid-productBrowser-CategoryPage .ecwid-productBrowser-subcategories-mainTable .ecwid-noimage {
  display: none;
.ecwid-productBrowser-CategoryPage .ecwid-productBrowser-subcategories-categoryName {
  cursor: pointer;
The first one hides the default "no image" gift boxes, while the second one makes the cursor look as a pointer when you hover over the links.

If these codes still don't work as expected, please send me the link to your Wix website with Ecwid installed – I'll check it right there.

Hope this helps.
Roman I.
Ecwid Customer Care Team

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