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We are working on opening a small online rerun (thrift) shop and need a shopping cart. We came across Ecwid and like it very much. While it is the best we have found, we are unable to embed Ecwid into our web site. In addition, we have the necessary html "body" tags where they should be but we continue to get error messages. We really want to use Ecwid so ... Are there any other ways of embedding Ecwid rather than using javascript so that Ecwid would work on our site? We tried all of the widget codes in the dashboard and read Ecwid 101 as well as other forum posts, but nothing works for us. Also, we do have the ability to add html to our site, but each time we do, we continue to get a message that the word "defer" is placed after the "src code" automatically. We set up 2 test pages, one labeled "store" with the codes we got from the Ecwid dashboard and the other test store 2 with the simple store code we found in the forum to test the shopping cart on our site. With Store 2 test we used iframes. The simple store link in iframes works in the test page store 2 on our site, but we still cannot get the Ecwid codes from the dashboard to work in the regular store page. Are there any suggestions or any work-arounds to get the complete shopping cart on our site? Any info would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

We are new to Ecwid and just now starting a thrift shop online. We just visited your store through this forum. It is fabulous!! And you must be a genius! HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU GET ECWID TO WORK IN OFFICE 365??!!?? My sisters and I are having a heck of a problem trying to integrate or embed Ecwid into our Office 365 site ... nothing but errors all the way. We are really thinking about trying to find another place to put our website so we can use Ecwid. Yes we are novices ... but do you mind sharing?

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