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Originally Posted by SteveOrg View Post
The code may look valid in the testing tool, but it will not work if the goal is to display the snippets in search results. That's because Google frowns on hidden text.

The workaround says " will be hidden from your product page". Not only will that disable rich snippets in search, it will likely negatively impact SEO.

There is a simple solution that Ecwid could supply immediately. Please post the structure of the product widgets prior to the change to rich snippets. I know it still works because I tested old code that I extracted from a backup. Unfortunately, the code was only for part of the widget.

Then we can manually create the rich snippets while still using Ecwid functionality.
Since I had already been turned down by tech support for the old code, I assume that Ecwid will not post it here. I'd sure like to know why.

In any case, I tracked down a website that is still using the old single product widget, and I used the sample to develop the code I need on my site. The only drawback is that the code does not include pricing or discounts. I had to put them in manually. Maybe Ecwid could post the additional code for prices and discounts?

The source of the code is, but the site seems to be down now. The product has options. Here's the code. "519141" is the store number.

All I needed is the Add to bag button. Here's the code that I extracted for that:

One last point. Even if Ecwid ever fixes the structured data, it will only be good for one product per page. Google will ignore the snippets if two or more are put on a page.
Please see the explanation regarding the old code and the new one from Ksenia here:

Basically, the single product widget was created at first as a simple add to bag button and a product thumbnail. So you were meant to create a specifically designed page for this product and add the add to bag functionality, using xAddToBag(). If you wish to get the price and discount, then you can do that using Ecwid API. Unfortunately there are no similar methods for product price or discount.

Then, as the widget evolved, we decided to add more flexibility to it and give Ecwid users and option to choose what parts of the product they wanted to display and display automatically. So that's how the current version of single product widget was created.

Also, for users who only use the single product widget, it was pretty important that Google sees the product details in the search results, such as title and the price, so we decided to add the rich snippets for the single product as well.

As previously discussed in the thread, the content such as 'price' and 'product title' is loaded dynamically, therefore Google isn't able to check for it. We are discussing on changing that behaviour, so stay tuned for updates.

If you enter the details like in my workaround, then Google can recognise that there is more than one product on the page: Also you can try this workaround using 'itemref': to display multiple products in rich snippets.

Thank you.
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