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Originally Posted by AMtexUSA View Post
Once the test order is completed and has taken me through the check out process and back to my website it shows that the order has failed.
However I still get an email telling me it is a demo order and to not fulfill the order. Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong
You received the e-mail notification with demo order notice because payment gateway that you setup is currently configured to work in demo mode. All orders processed through in demo mode are not considered to be real purchases and do not show up on 2CheckOut's back-end as the buyer's credit card doesn't get charged. The sole reason of running payment method in demo mode is to verify that you configured it correctly.

Please make sure that you configured exactly as described in this article both in control panel of Ecwid and in your account. After that go to System settings -> Payment page of Ecwid control panel, click the "Account details" link on payment method, disable "Use demo server" option in the displayed window then save the changes.

If you would like to run a test order in live mode with, you can create a $5 test product in your store and purchase it to verify that the payment method is setup properly and you are ready to accept orders. You can refund your order on after that (there will be no transaction fees if you do this within 24 hours after you made the purchase).
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