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Default Shrinking my Mini-Cart Icon - CSS problems.

I posted this in the miscellaneous section of the forum yesterday, but I think I may have posted it in the wrong section, so just in case anyone can help (please):

I've been struggling for over a week with this and have tried all the suggestions found in previous forum posts with no luck.

I would like to shrink the size of the minicart icon displayed on my site.
So far:

I have shrunk the picture of the bag / the sprite using GIMP.
I have shrunk the minicart drag & drop target using the following css:

div.ecwid-minicart {
width: 80px;
height: 80px;

The click area however, now does not sit nicely on top of the picture of the shopping bag.
It seems to have moveed down & to the right (which means you can now only click on the lower right corner of the bag image).

I tried to move the click area with the following css:

div.ecwid-minicart-clickArea {
height: 80px
width: 80px
left: 0px
top: 0px

But this doesn't seem to have done anything.
Has anyone got any suggestions about what I'm doing wrong?

Thank you in advance.

Here's a link to the site with the faulty shopping bag:

Just in case it helps

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