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Originally Posted by REPOSTAR View Post
Yes... Since your last update, if i enable ecwid pluggin in my site, its terribly slow... i'm sure is your pluggin problem (not my site problem as you say an other users in the forum)... if i'm deactivate pluggin, my site run much more fast again !!!

Thank you for the message. We're sorry you faced this issue and would happy to help you with fixing it.

We tested our plugin on our local servers and on several live sites - everything works fast for us. Although we don't reproduce the behavior you reported, the issue could still be caused by some bug in the plugin, e.g. if it's conflicting with your server environment. So, we would like to find the root cause of the issue and fix it.

I just dropped a line to your email. Please check.

Look forward to your reply.

Matt K
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