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Originally Posted by David Oralevich1 View Post
Hi All...
thank you in advance for your help. I'm looking to build an ecommerce store and integrate ecwid to it.

Is there a way to embed a specific category to a page on my site? For example, I would like to have different pages with different options. See here on my sidebar (shop by season, shop by vendor shop by Style - all of those tabs expand, and should be broken down by that category.

Thank you.

While I'm configurable is the shop to match my site?
Can the CSS be manipulated to do "anything"
Use Google Fonts?
Change "Add to Cart" Buttons?

Thank you,
Thank you very much for choosing Ecwid!

So, you would like to embed a separate product category into a separate page. This is possible, you can use the default category feature, as Thematizr has already suggested.

Here is the article in our actual knowledge base:

[quote]Can the CSS be manipulated to do "anything"[/qulote]

Absolutely. You can use CSS to change almost every design element of your Ecwid store front. Here is the detailed manual:

Use Google Fonts?
Of course. Such theme was already discussed on our forum you can find the necessary information here, please refer to Arthur’s message:

Change "Add to Cart" Buttons?
Sure, please, refer to the following article:

Please, do not hesitate to ask any questions.