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Originally Posted by Carrie Boudeman View Post
Hi Rina ... I thought that shopping carts shouldn't be cached because products are always changing. Maybe I'm not understanding how it works. I'm trying to speed up my site by using this caching optimizer but i thought the actual shopping cart had to be excluded. Are you saying ecwid is excluded automatically when you say "works correctly with" this plug in... or that its fine to cache the shopping cart? Thanks for helping me understand this!!
Hi Carrie! I'm Emma from Ecwid team. I will be happy to address your questions.

By "Ecwid should work correctly with this plugin" Rina meant that there shouldn't be any conflict between the shopping cart and the plugin itself

You are right, products can change all the time, indeed. As you can edit their images, description, price, etc.

At the same time, Ecwid is AJAX solution ( This means that the store content is dynamically delivered to a user's web browser by means of Javascript. When you update something (e.g. product prices) in your Ecwid control panel, the changes are reflected in the storefront immediately.

While cached information can be helpful both to you and your customers: for instance, once a buyer logs into your store, later when they come back within a few days (in the same browser) – they will stay logged in.

Most importantly, it is useful for recovering the abandoned carts. So, suppose a customer adds items to bag, doesn't fulfill the checkout process and leaves the store. But when they come back later to your website, they still have their items added to the shopping bag thanks to cache – how cool it is! They have the ability to finish the order without recalling what they wanted to purchase – the items are already in their shopping carts.

What I am saying, there is no such a requirement to exclude the shopping cart from caching: when you change information – Ecwid changes it, when the cache is beneficial – Ecwid uses it

I hope, my explanation helps to sort out the cache matter. Let me know if any questions arise. Have a great day!
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