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Originally Posted by Arka View Post
Don't understand this one...
Now the page where my shop is works fine, but if I try to alter it in any way, i.e. if I try to edit the page using wordpress and then save it, I get the following error:

I checked the FAQ and I first thought it was my provider, but I don't think that is the case as the only affected page is the one containing the shop.

If I take away the code
then I can preview it, save it, whatever... (and also the widgets in the side bar are still there.

I have not changed anything... Where could the problem be? Have you got any idea?

I could not find this error in the forum, so I really don't know... Is it my provider? Is it yourselves?



The problem seems to be with
Whenever I have that, even with nothing inside it, I get the above error. <noscript> doesn't produce the same error.

This seems to point to the provider...
Any ideas?

Sorry for taking so terribly long to reply.

I’ve looked through the possible sources of such error message, and it looks like in this case it’s not an Ecwid or provider issue: messages with such wording are usually generated by Google Pagespeed service. And it looks like you are using a PageSpeed plugin for WordPress on your website, so I have to assume that it’s it that generates those error messages.

About the solution:

For example, it was discussed here, and it looks like in their case they solved the problem:!