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Originally Posted by Nicole Callaghan View Post
I've successfully added the ecwid widget to my webpage (in the making) but not sure how to view the products or if in fact they are there! If anyone wants to have a look go to;
I've checked your site and see you tried to add Ecwid into two pages:

But they're shown blank. Please make sure you followed these instructions:
How to embed Ecwid on Google Sites
to add Ecwid on your site page.
There's an official Google Gadget for Ecwid that you can easily install on your site.
As soon as you do it, all your products and settings from your Ecwid control panel will be automatically loaded and shown on the site page.

And then once it is all visible will it be like shopping in my facebook ecwid store with the checkout and everything and are they linked, so its the 1 shop?
Thanks for reading this, I am OK on the computer but not a tech head so any suggestions or advice will be much appreciated! thanks
Ecwid is an excellent solution with this regard: you can embed it on several different resources (websites, social networks, blogs) and sell the same set of products. As I noted above, the products/categories and settings (like payment methods, shipping costs, taxes, etc) are managed from within one control panel at and can be displayed on your Facebook page as well as on your web-site. So yes, it'll be the same store.
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