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1. Even though I've installed the Ecwid plugin in Wordpress weeks ago, it doesn't appear that my items show up in searches, even when I search for my exact product title and store title together.
Addressed above, it does appear in the searches.

2. The product browser widget is not responsive and does not display correctly on tablets and phones.
Ecwid is to be responsive soon. We were keen to release the adaptive design with the v.13.1 of Ecwid, but then it turned out to have a major bug, so we rolled back this functionality and now are working on improving it for the next release.

3. When linking to a product on a social media site (namely Facebook), it's unable to load the product photo, or to even link directly to the product. People who click on the link are taken to the category.
Here is the example of the liked product from your store - - it does have the picture and does take you to the product on the site, not to category. Do you have examples of the problematic likes?