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If you use two different Ecwid account and two different shops, it'd be better to upgrade them separately. In this case you will get two independent Silver accounts which can be managed separately, have different settings, orders etc, moreover, you will be able to use not only Discount coupons, but lots of other useful features, like protected download links for e-goods, stock control for options, accept the terms before ordering etc. You can find a full list of differences here:

Alternatively, you can merge your stores and upgrade only one account. In this case products still can show separately and in different sites. To do this you will need to create hidden root categories for each of your stores. It will allow you to store products for different shops in one Ecwid account and separate root categories allow to show different products sets in different shops.

But you should remember that technically it will be one shop, and as a result, shops placed to different sites will have the same settings, orders, shipping methods etc.
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