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Ok, this is why I said weird stuff was happening. I did not deselect the options in the UPS and USPS carrier methods. For some reason the system deselected the options I had set on it's own. And the Fed ex option, even though there WAS a method selected, was not showing up. I do not know when the UPS and USPS options disappeared overnight, but earlier yesterday when I was trying to figure this out they WERE selected and active in the shipping control panel and still were not showing up in my cart. None of the options were showing up in my cart which is why I placed so many posts and reached out to support a couple of times last evening. Also, the names of the carriers just swapped on their own. The UPS option says USPS and the USPS option says UPS.

Again, it seems some strange things are happening in the system and this was happening in other random places as well yesterday. I can't recall exactly what products were changing but I had made some changes in images and category names and all of a sudden they reverted back to a previous version on their own.

In this moment even though the FedEx option was active and I just reactivated the UPS option (although the title now is wrong it says USPS), I still am not seeing those options show up in my shopping cart. Hope you can look a little further into this as I struggled with this for hours last night and again feel something strange is going on with Ecwid.

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