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Originally Posted by Soviet Vintage Posters View Post
Hi there,

I've setup a number of different shipping options and specified all the regions which apply to the various options. And for each of my products I've chosen "Use global settings" but when i go through the check out process no shipping is added to the cost nor am I given the various shipping options...any ideas why that might be?

I have checked your store and as far as I can see, you have not defined weight for your products, so Ecwid treats them as intangible ones. All intangible products don't require shipping address and shipping method selection at checkout. A product that requires shipping should either have weight assigned (Ecwid control panel -> Catalog -> Products -> click on the product -> open “”General” tab -> tick "This product requires shipping" checkbox. If your shipping rates depend on the order weights, enter the weight value into the “Weight” filed -> click “Save (Ctrl+S)”.

Do it for all the tangible products in your store.