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Originally Posted by Adorha View Post

An additional question,

Referring to previous attached picture (of the product category overview page / Shopping cart page): as we only have two product categories, how can they be centered on the page? (Currently both products are "tilted" to the left so the product category overview page does not look symmetric).

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Currently there is a parameter in your store integration code that is responsible for number of categories per row view in your store. Since this parameter has “3” value - your store is prepared for showing 3 categories per row on your site, however there are only 2 categories on the store page hence they are "tilted" to the left.

If you would like your categories to be centered on your main store page you should just change this parameter in the source code of this page. I have marked it with red:

"categoriesPerRow= 3",
"views=grid(1,3) list(10) table(2)",
Change it to:

"categoriesPerRow= 2",
"views=grid(1,3) list(10) table(2)",
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