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Originally Posted by Giuseppe Scavone View Post
thanks.. but by doing so I will miss some nice features of the cart such as "availability". Is there is no way around this, I think that it is a serious limitation of the software for all the people that want to have just one product on the landing page.. for example all the thousand of people that do direct selling (e.g. TV sales)
are you sure there is no way around?
Thank you, very much

I'm sorry, I think there is no limitation at all.

As you said, you want to have one product on a separate page and your customers need to be able to view that product's details and add it to the cart on that page. Well, it currently works this way - nothing prevents your site visitors from buying that product from either the store page or landing page. As far as I can see, the only thing you want to add is a popup-like design, but as Eugene explained in his message, those are not actually popup windows, they are just the HTML elements designed in popup-like manner. So, if I get it right, the only difference is actually a grey frame around the widget, which makes it look like a separate window. However, its absense doesn't affect any functionality - your customer can view the product details, add it to the cart and proceed with checkout.

As for the design, since Ecwid integrates with the page and acts like a part of it regardless of a layout, you can always adjust the design according to your needs. So, I think it is not a problem. You can use custom CSS themes and scripts that use Ecwid JavaScript API for such purposes.

The other thing I'd like to suggest in this case is to redirect your customers to your store page upon adding the product to the cart. This way the product will be displayed on the landing page, and when a customer clicks the 'Add to cart' button, the store page is automatically opened. There, the customer is suggested to either continue shopping (if there are other products in the store) or proceed with the checkout. Such a redirection can be done with the help of Ecwid JS API as well. Please let me know if you're interested in that and I will provide more details.
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