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Originally Posted by Matt Sturgeon View Post
According to ECWID FAQ there is some "additional information" tab or menu I can look at on Queued orders that will display the exact problem with the paypal check out.

I am not seeing "additional information" anywhere. This information would be useful to inform these customers of why their payment is in queue and not being paid.

See here:

"You can check what error is returned from PayPal in the order details in Ecwid control panel, section 'Additional information'."

Where is this "additional information" tab?

I went thru my orders, placed but not paid, and pushed accept order on all queued orders, but I am still not receiving payment.


Thank you for contacting us.

I've checked your store and as far as I can see for those orders which do not have "Additional information" tab on the order details page, you have switched the order status manually.

The thing is, the "Additional information" tab contains the details returned from the payment gateway. When the transaction is successful, the transaction ID is displayed, otherwise the tab contains the error message and the order has Queued status.

However there are cases when the customer was redirected to the payment gateway site but left without paying for the order. In this case there is no information about the transaction returned to Ecwid (as there was no transaction) and the order gets to the Unfinished sales tab.

Each line in the unfinished sales table contains short description of an order (date, total cost, payment method, cart contents), a customer email (so you can contact customer to find out why s/he hasn't finished the order) and the 'Place this order' button. When you click that button, the selected order is placed in the regular orders list, it is marked with a 'Queued' status and the order notifications is sent to a customer (like for the new orders). But, of course, Ecwid doesn't automatically charge a customer credit card in such a case, i.e. you will need to charge a customer manually. It is also important that an unfinished order does not lock the items bought - the stock quantities are only decreased as soon as a complete order gets a 'Queued' or 'Accepted' status.
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