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Originally Posted by Ruel Luna View Post
Dear All,

Good evening! I'm newbie.

I would like to ask; how can I remove subcategory to root directory. I just want to see new products posted in my home website.

Thank you and hope to hear from you. GODspeed!

Best regards,

Hello Ruel Luna,
As I understand, you’d like to show newly added products on your store front page. Basically this page shows those products which don’t belong to any category. There’re also several ways to display certain products there.

1. Unassign these products from their category. For ex., when you’re adding these new items, don’t choose any category for them. Please mind, in that rate the products will be shown only on the front page.

2. You can create a separate category (for example, “new products” and etc.) and assign these products to it. Then you should use ‘default category’ solution described in this article:

This article will give you more hints on how to arrange similar display: